Izzy moved to Vancouver from Mexico City in 2009 and started making his favourite tacos for his “gringo” friends on periodic Taco Nights.


As the infamous Taco Night grew to over 40 people a glass pitcher labeled “grocery fund” joined the table along side salsas & rajas.   In 2015, Izzy and I moved to Kelowna to raise our daughter and opened “El Taquero”, which translates to “The Taco Maker”   


Izzy’s deep love of the Oaxacan culture is inspiration for both food and imagery at El Taquero.  The jaguar featured in our logo is our daughter’s Oaxacan spirit animal.  The hand crafted version, which adorns the white brick wall, was a gift from Izzy’s mother to bring good luck and fortune to the shop.  It has gazed upon our taco shop ever since and has been a topic of many a question and curiosity from our guests.  


At El Taquero we are here to share these flavours, culture and stories of Mexico. Conversations and questions always welcome.  Our Taco Shop is Yours. 

Our Story

It All Started With Taco Nights

El Taquero - 1443 Ellis Street, Kelowna BC  V6Y 2A3  www.el-taquero.com

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Izzy and Sara modelling our new swag by