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"We had El Taquero cater a Christmas lunch for our place of work and it was excellent. We had tacos, refried beans, rice and all of the sides like hot sauce, toppings etc. They supplied absolutely everything. A really nice change form sandwiches and other typical Canadian lunches!"  Dec. 2018

Tacos in a Box


(For Groups of 6-25)
this one we call Pressing the Izzy Button.  
just let us know how many people & dietary concerns,
  pop ‘em on the table & watch them disappear!  
3 per person 9.99 
 4 per person 12.49
Additional Sides:

*per person
Rice & Beans 1.99
Ensalada de Jicama 2.49
Flan “Mexican Custard”  2.79
Fresh Mexican Fruit Cups 2.99
Mexican Soda 2.79


*extra salsa

House Guacamole (250 ml) 5.99
Fresh Cut Pico de Gallo (500 ml) 6.99

Fruit Salsa (250 ml) 6.99

Salsa Verde  (250 ml) 4.99


*platters 12-15 ppl

Chips & Pico Platter 12.99

Ensalada Salpicon
shredded brisket, queso fresco, radish, tomato, red onion, tortilla crisps  32.99
Mexican Fruit Platter
melon, pineapple, seasonal fruit, jicama,
chamoy, tajin 32.99

El Taquero - 1443 Ellis Street, Kelowna BC  V6Y 2A3

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